Woo Sports Scavenger Hunt

What Is It?

Woo Scavenger Hunt is a game that customers can now play at Roseland Wake Park.  Customers must rent a Woo Sports device and record their session.  When they complete all the tricks of a given category, they will receive a badge.  They can accumulate points in each category as there will be prizes for the top scores of each category at the end of the year.  Below are a few rules for the game:

  • Tricks can be done off kickers or as air tricks (as long as the Woo Device records it)
  • Tricks must be recorded using the Woo Sports Device
  • Scores count as the sum of your scores for each trick within the category
  • Participants must review their session with an employee for it to be recorded for the leaderboards
  • Employees will review the session with customers and give pointers on how to land tricks they didn’t land in their session
  • Prizes will be awarded to each participant that completes a category, the participant with the highest score in each category at the end of the year and the participant with the highest score overall at the end of the year


Beginner Tricks

  • Heel side Straight Air
  • Toe side Straight Air
  • Heel side Front side 180
  • Toe side Front side 180
  • Switch Heel side Front side 180
  • Switch Toe side Front side 180

Intermediate Tricks

  • Back side 360 (HS or TS)
  • Front side 540 (HS or TS)
  • Tantrum
  • Scarecrow
  • Half cab roll

Advanced Tricks

  • Back side 540 (HS or TS)
  • Front side 720 (HS or TS)
  • Your choice of two Mobes (Crow Mobe, Back Mobe, Moby Dick, etc.)
    • A mobe is a flip with a 360

All 8 360’s

  • HS FS 360
  • HS BS 360
  • Switch HS FS 360
  • Switch HS BS 360
  • TS FS 360
  • TS BS 360
  • Switch TS FS 360
  • Switch TS BS 360

Basic Inverts

  • Tantrum
  • Scarecrow or TS Front Roll
  • Roll to Revert or Half Cab Roll
  • TS Back Roll


  • $7 for a 2 hour session
  • Comes with a WOO Sports Mount
  • Comes with instruction on how to use the device and how to record your tricks


  • First 25 participants to complete a category (any category) receive a Roseland Wake Park promotional hat
  • If you complete an entire category on your first session, you receive one free WOO rental
  • Participants receive a golden ticket for every category they complete
    • The person with the most golden tickets by Labor Day wins a new board!
  • Participants with the highest scores in each category get their name on the leaderboard
  • Participants with the highest score for each category by Labor Day receives a prize TBD
  • The participant with the highest overall score by Labor Day will receive a prize TBD
  • There will also be other prizes given out throughout the summer for most airtime, most sessions, and highest scoring trick